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Kana 101

Both hiragana and katakana are composed of 46 different phonetic symbols used to represent all the possible syllables of the spoken language. These characters were derived from simplification of kanji characters but unlike kanji each character is pronounced in only one way and has no conceptual meaning.


Hiragana, whose forms are rounded and flowing in shape, is used for particles, for verbal and adjectival endings, and for many native Japanese words.


Over the centuries many words from foreign languages were incorporated no the Japanese language, especially from Chinese and English languages. Whereas Chinese loan words are naturally written in kanji, non-Chinese foreign words are written in the katakana syllabary, whose form is more angular.

Comprehensive Design

Both hiragana and katakana, comprising 46 different phonetic symbols used to represent all the possible syllables of the spoken language.


Characters are organized according to Japanese custom.


Pronunciation for each character is indicated in roman letters.


Diacritical marks in relevant column headings.

Voiced and Unvoiced Consonants

Syllables beginning with the voiced consonants (g, z, d, and b) are spelled with kana from the corresponding unvoiced columns (k, s, t and h) and the voicing mark, dakuten.

Japan Quality

High-quality offset printing. Printed in Japan. A1-size in landscape format (59.4 x 84.1 cm / 23.4 x 33.1 in). Legible from over 5 meters away.


Ships internationally in a tube (rolled, not folded).

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